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The Role of Police Reports in Car Accident Cases and How They Can Influence the Outcome of a Car Accident Claim

Published January 31, 2024 by Harker Injury Law

Tensions naturally run high after a car accident, and it is often the role of the police to keep things calm. The officers are not there on the scene to take sides or pronounce judgment. Rather, they should speak calmly to everyone involved, noting the facts and recording their observations. Likewise, the resulting police report...

The Importance of Timely Medical Treatment in Personal Injury Cases

Published January 29, 2024 by Harker Injury Law

Getting timely medical treatment can make the difference between a swift recovery and living with ongoing problems. For example, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), including concussions, are common in personal injury cases. A 2021 study found that delayed or inadequate treatment of TBIs could result in avoidable detrimental long-term effects on people’s lives. Be aware that failing to...

Understanding California's Liability Laws: What You Need to Know After an Injury

Published January 3, 2024 by Harker Injury Law

When accidents happen to occur, from car accidents to the tragic loss of wrongful death, the aftermath is painful. Families are often left alone to cope with serious injuries, financial losses, emotional suffering, and more. Were you involved in a car accident or experienced medical malpractice? Has your family sadly suffered the wrongful death of...

The Role of Comparative Fault in California Motorcycle Accident Cases

Published December 29, 2023 by Harker Injury Law

After a motorcycle accident, victims may suffer many losses. Motorcycle riders often sustain significant injuries in crashes, along with financial losses and property damages. Motorcycle accidents in California happen more often than you may think. According to California Highway Patrol SWITRS data, there were 12,544 motorcycle crashes where people were injured or died during 2022. With such...

Navigating Insurance Claims in California

Published December 14, 2023 by Harker Injury Law

Accidents and injuries can happen unexpectedly, leaving you with physical pain, emotional distress, and financial burdens. To ensure you recover compensation for injuries, personal property damage, lost wages, and more, it’s ideal to understand the insurance claim process. When communicating with the insurance company after an accident, you must be prepared. In this article, we...

California’s Comparative Fault System: What You Need to Know

Published December 13, 2023 by Harker Injury Law

Each state in the country has a method for comparing negligence in personal injury claims. If one party was harmed due to another party’s actions, comparative negligence laws come into play. These determine the amount of compensation the defendant pays and how much the plaintiff receives. While the majority of states recognize the comparative fault...

When to Consult a Lawyer for a Truck Accident

Published November 23, 2023 by Harker Injury Law

Truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries that have a permanent impact on a person’s life. After being harmed in a California truck accident, personal injury attorneys can offer valuable legal guidance as well as assistance to win you maximum compensation for your losses. It is recommended to consult a lawyer and set your truck accident...

Car Accident While Driving to Work: What to Do

Published November 22, 2023 by Harker Injury Law

You are on your way to work in your personal vehicle when, all of a sudden, another car collides with yours. You are shaken, wondering if you are injured, how much damage was done to your vehicle, and how late you will be to work. More questions arise as an employee, depending on whether you...

Chances of Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Published November 21, 2023 by Harker Injury Law

If another person’s actions have caused you harm, you may be considering filing a California personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries. However, before taking the step to hire a lawyer, you may be wondering, “What are my odds of winning a personal injury lawsuit?” This is a reasonable question since time is...

What Happens If My Personal Injury Claim Goes to Court?

Published October 13, 2023 by Harker Injury Law

Many people head into legal proceedings determined to seek justice by having their day in court. While estimates vary, it appears that around 95 percent of civil cases, including personal injury cases, never make it that far. Instead, most end in a negotiated settlement, out of court, usually thrashed out between a personal injury lawyer...

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