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Car Accidents

Top 5 Mistakes People Make After an Accident

Published July 21, 2024 by The Harker Law Firm

Although no one expects to be in a car accident when leaving his or her home, multiple car accidents happen every day in the Sunshine State. In fact, according to one source, 187,211 crashes on California roads resulted in injuries during just one year. Even if you try to be a safe and cautious driver, you simply cannot...

What to Expect During a Car Accident Lawsuit

Published July 8, 2024 by The Harker Law Firm

After a car accident, there may seem no end to the legal twists and turns. You might wonder what your personal responsibilities are, how the process of recovering compensation will go, and what to do if you face problems. Feelings of uncertainty can lead to a persistent sense of anxiety and confusion, making it difficult...

The Hidden Costs of Car Accidents

Published June 17, 2024 by The Harker Law Firm

Car accidents are sudden, traumatic events that can leave a lasting impact on your life. After an accident, we often worry about medical bills and recovery costs. However, the financial burden extends far beyond the initial healthcare costs. Many hidden costs can accumulate post-accident, creating a large financial strain. In 2022, the National Safety Council...

The Rise of Distracted Driving Accidents and How They Affect Personal Injury Claims

Published May 7, 2024 by The Harker Law Firm

For most people, the use of smartphones is a part of their daily lives. Cell phones make it easy to send emails, make phone calls, and send texts throughout the day. These devices allow us to stay connected to family and friends. However, they also contribute to a rising number of distracted driving accidents. There...

The Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in National City

Published April 2, 2024 by The Harker Law Firm

Every year, there are close to 200,000 people injured in car accidents throughout California. A severe car accident can completely upend your life. You may be left with physical injuries, emotional scarring, and significant medical bills. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, you might be unsure of whether or not you...

Factors That Determine Liability in Car Accidents: What You Need to Know

Published March 6, 2024 by The Harker Law Firm

Being in a car accident is never a pleasant experience, even if it is only a fender-bender. Quite frequently, the cause of a car crash is negligence on the part of one of these involved drivers. This means the at-fault driver would be held liable, having to compensate for injuries and property damages. But what...

The Role of Police Reports in Car Accident Cases and How They Can Influence the Outcome of a Car Accident Claim

Published January 31, 2024 by The Harker Law Firm

Tensions naturally run high after a car accident, and it is often the role of the police to keep things calm. The officers are not there on the scene to take sides or pronounce judgment. Rather, they should speak calmly to everyone involved, noting the facts and recording their observations. Likewise, the resulting police report...

Car Accident While Driving to Work: What to Do

Published November 22, 2023 by The Harker Law Firm

You are on your way to work in your personal vehicle when, all of a sudden, another car collides with yours. You are shaken, wondering if you are injured, how much damage was done to your vehicle, and how late you will be to work. More questions arise as an employee, depending on whether you...

Typical Car Accident Settlement Amounts — No Injury

Published October 10, 2023 by The Harker Law Firm

Being involved in a car accident can be a stressful and frustrating experience. Even if you did not sustain serious injuries in the collision, you may have suffered property damage, emotional distress, and lost time from work. If so, it is reasonable to seek compensation for your losses. The law backs up car accident victims...

What to Do If Someone Sues You for a Car Accident in California

Published July 12, 2023 by The Harker Law Firm

Any traumatic event can make you feel confused and anxious. Yet, car accidents can be particularly stressful. Perhaps a collision damaged your vehicle. You might be in pain from your injuries. You might even be grieving the loss of a loved one since the crash. At this critical time, you could be served with a...

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